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Quick Tip: Paint Free Hands

Many people like to wear gloves while they paint, but I find that distracting. Here's my quick tip on how to keep your hands clean of acrylic paint: use a barrier cream! Each time I paint, I first take a moment to seal any hangnails, scratches or other sores with liquid bandage. You may be able to skip this step if you don't get as many nicks and scrapes on your hands as I do! Then, once that's dry, I apply a barrier cream. As long as I reapply every time I wash my hands, the barrier cream does an excellent job at preventing whatever paint that gets on my hands from sticking. Easy peasy. I love that I don't have to spend such a long time scrubbing away at dried paint anymore, and I feel better knowing that I'm protecting my skin from any possible toxins in the paint.

Above: New Skin Liquid Bandage and Winsor & Newton Artguard Barrier Cream.

Bixby's paint-free paw ;-)

Happy painting!


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