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My Fave Artsy YouTube Channels

"I saw it on YouTube." - Elliot, age 13.

There was a time when I thought YouTube was only for the kids. My son, Elliot, sure loves it, and he's always got something interesting to tell me about what he's discovered through the YouTube platform. Recently, I've come to appreciate YouTube, too, especially on a weekend morning when the house is still quiet and I'm enjoying my first (second or third) cup of coffee. Here are some of my artsy faves lately.

Janie Davies

Jane shares her abstract painting techniques and processes with an emphasis on experimentation.


Lots of insightful videos full of resources and inspiration to jump-start your creative process.

Teoh Li Chie

Pen and ink/watercolour urban sketching and a gazillion art supply reviews.

Ian Roberts

Mastering composition, technique and artistic vision - mostly landscape painting.


Learn about art from 1929 to the present.


Live art auctions can be kinda exciting. That painting sold for HOW MUCH?

Yeats Makes

Tons of Gelli printing and other kinds of printmaking tips and tricks!

Sandi Hester

Sandi makes whimsical mixed-media art in a process that brings wonder to the forefront. Lots of sketchbook tours and art supply hauls, too.

Do you have a favourite YouTube channel that helps you get inspired? Please share it with me by commenting below!

Bathtime pic today - how embarrassing! I think he'd make a good YouTube star.

Until next time,


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I usually just google what I need and then end up going down a rabbit hole of YouTube. I’ll definitely check these out!! (I thought it was only for figuring out how to help my kids with math homewor. haha.)

Me gusta
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