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Studio Notes: April 2024

My April vlog is only 7 days late! Better late than never!

I am far from a professional videographer, and to be honest, each time I go to make one of these videos I feel a dragging sense of avoidance. I have so many other things I ‘should’ be doing! Is this worth my time? Inevitably, I believe it is. For two reasons: First, each time I create a video like this, no matter how amateurish, I am forced to reflect on what I am doing in my creative practice. This is much needed (and far more often than once a month, to be sure)! Secondly, I want to provide my subscribers with a special little studio visit, no mater how ‘rustic’. I appreciate the support of my subscribers, followers and collectors a great deal. They provide me with feelings of validation which really help to prop up my sensitive little artist soul on the hard days. So, if you’re watching this, thank you! Please do send me your comments if you are so inclined. I appreciate the conversation and community. I have had to disable comments on this blog due to pesky bots, but I am glad to receive your messages by email which you can send here.

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