belonging to the land

imagined landscapes

Being a colonizer, I inhabit stolen lands. I think about this a lot. I know, in this sense, I can't ever truly own any piece of land, but I do feel in a way, that sometimes the land owns me.⁠⠀
Moments of solitary stillness in a wild and natural place have a way of making me feel more whole - of belonging to something bigger, rather than that something belonging to me. This is a feeling I remember first noticing when I was a kid growing up on the farm in Saskatchewan, which is maybe why these moments always feel like coming home to me.⁠
This, in essence, explains the concept that I will be working on this year, starting with this series of little imagined landscapes. I hope that for you they capture the same energy I feel in those magical moments when I am belonging to a place and feeling at home with the Earth.⁠

 © 2019 by Jennifer L. Mohr - Fine Artist

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